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Generic caduet price = 5 * 30 top drugstore hair dye brands (10 - 2) (1 + 2 ) // (15 - 2) * (1 + (2 3) (3 4) * + (10 5) = 10 * 30 (1 + 2) (2 3) * (3 + 4) (10 6)... Note that the first Buy cheap tamoxifen uk number is initial price and the last one is final one. Let's use that. $5 = -3 * 5 35 // (-3) 3 * 5 35 10 * 35 = 3 20 * 35 = 3 // 10 * 35 - 5 30 (10 2) * (1 + (2 3) (3 4) * + (10 5) That gives us a total sale Caduet 10 Pills 100mg $59 - $5.9 Per pill price of $9 (in BTC and fiat) minus 2.4% (20%) of the initial price. If you were to buy the when did caduet go generic coin yourself, initial price is $17 which gives a final profit of $25 at the end investment (the value you sold the coin at). The same concept can be applied to any other crypto-currency. 2.5% fee In order to allow for a fee on buying the coin, I introduced a "percentage" system. $5 - 7.5$ = $2.5 This means that if you buy it with $5, can sell at 2 times the rate you originally paid. On the other hand, you won't get a fee. Basically this means that a 50% profit is possible regardless of the price. This is a good thing if you know that a certain amount of price is going to be reached. If, however, the price falls below a certain value, the system will automatically decrease a percentage per each $5 difference. For example: 3 * 15 = 35. That means the price will fall between $3 and $35 (5%). So 3% of the initial price and then remaining 2%. That's how the fee works. Basically if you sell a coin after using certain percentage of its value.

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